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Guru is a teacher and Dwara is a door or gateway…put them together and you have the gateway to the Guru, also known as the Gurdwara. The first Gurdwara (Holy building of Sikhs) was built in 1521 by Guru Nanak Dev Ji on the river banks of the Ravi, that Gurdwara now sits in Pakistan… Continue reading Gurdwaras

How we live - India

Republic Day 2020

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Tea Drinkers, Today in India we are celebrating REPUBLIC DAY and each year it falls on January 26th and is a NATIONAL HOLIDAY, don’t worry Government employees and school children will get Monday off. So what exactly is Republic Day?  When India gained it’s independance from the British in 1947, it took a… Continue reading Republic Day 2020

How we live - India

Immigration and Refugees in India – CAA and NRC

In 1950 when the Indian Constitution was drafted, concessions granted citizenship for all residents of India without the descrimintion based upon Caste or Religion.   Since 1955, there have been several revisions made to the Citizenship Bill (referred to commonly as the Citizenship Act) including one in 2003 which the concept of “illegal immigrant” was added. … Continue reading Immigration and Refugees in India – CAA and NRC

How we live - India

Jyoti Singh Pandey – The Symbol of Violence Against Women in India

Three days from today, on January 22/2020, four men will be executed for their horrific crimes inflicted upon a 23 year-old girl.  There were 6 men who were convicted of her gang-rape, one commit suicide in custody and one was released after serving the maximum sentance of 3 years for a juvinelle (at the time… Continue reading Jyoti Singh Pandey – The Symbol of Violence Against Women in India

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Lohri – A Punjabi Celebration. Revised 2020

Lohri is the end of winter festival of Punjab - I told you we like to celebrate and party! Like most Punjabi/Indian festivals or traditions Lohri is steeped in Folklore (a tradition, belief or custom passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth). Therefore the true origins and reasons for celebrating Lohri aren’t… Continue reading Lohri – A Punjabi Celebration. Revised 2020